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Rutgers UX - Faculty
Rutgers UX - Faculty

Quality training requires the best instructors.

Our instructors are experts. They are working professionals who average over 15 years of experience in the fields in which they teach and considered by their peers as accomplished experts in their subject matter. But what truly sets them apart is that they are also engaging by creating dynamic presentations that bring the classroom to life. Our instructors listen too. Each offering, they learn new techniques to present information to pass their expertise to the class with practical, hands-on skills you use right away to solve the challenges professionals face in the real world.

Rutgers UX - Ronnie Battista

Ronnie Battista

Ronnie is is our UXD Program Director and the UX Practice Lead at Slalom Consulting with over 17 years experience in user interfaces.

Rutgers UX - David B. Ogunrinde

David B. Ogunrinde

David runs a brand strategy and design company called Inkroots, with over 15 years of experience as a designer- making experiences beautiful and meaningful.

Rutgers UX - Lisa Woodley

Lisa Woodley

Lisa is Vice President of Customer Experience and Channels at NTT Data with over 20 years experience bringing tech and business people together to design innovative customer experiences.

Rutgers UX - Tammy Sachs

Tammy Sachs

Tammy is the Founder of Sachs Insights with 20 years experience in focus group analysis and ethnography.

Rutgers UX - Kel Smith

Kel Smith

Kel is an independent consultant and speaker serving Fortune 500 companies and top organizations around the globe.

Rutgers UX - Tobias Komischke

Tobias Komischke

Tobias is Director of User Experience at Honeywell with a specialty in Human Factors Engineering.

At the Rutgers Center for Innovation Education (RIE), our mission is to provide the most current and up-to-date professional and continuing education for technologists, innovators and entrepreneurs.

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